Are you looking for this guy?

Your best bet is probably facebook.

I also have accounts at a lot of other places, but I don't really use them much.

So hit me up via Facebook or send email to .

I used to maintain my own site with photos and a blog and stuff, but it's easier to just be assimilated into the Zuckerbergian Hegemony. And anyway, Apple just switched it off. So this is the replacement page, to help people who know me to find their way to my "web presence".

It used to be that I was easy to find via a Google search, but an increasing number of imposters are making that harder by the day.

You may know me from London, or Oxford, or Cambridge, or New York, or Southport, or have met me somewhere on my travels, perhaps at a heavy metal or doom festival or a biology conference where I was rattling on about Drosophila.

You may know me by the name English Dave, Big Hairy Dave, Doomy Dave, Dave the Barbarian or Roadie Dave (although some of those were a long time ago! There are other nicknames, which I hope to leave behind. Or you might just know my real name, David Tyler.

Photo © Jon Kristiansen